Effective odor control is achieved by chemically changing — not masking — odorous compounds in contaminated air.

PEPCON’s OdorMaster systems are designed to efficiently and economically treat malodorous emissions like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, organic amines and organic sulfur compounds (mercaptans) at sewage treatment plants, composting sites, pumping stations and industrial operations.

OdorMaster systems use our proven electrolytic cells to transform saltwater into a sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) oxidant that is used to clean contaminated air within the unit’s scrubber tower. The process reduces the hypochlorite solution to salt, which is then recycled to repeat the process, creating an extremely efficient and cost-effective closed-loop operation that provides superior odor control.

The OdorMaster units include a sodium hypochlorite generation unit, scrubber tower(s), exhaust fan, pumps, spray systems, automatic level controls, brine make-up tank and an automatic controller. Individual units can treat up to 70,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM). For greater capacities, two or more units are used in tandem.

OdorMaster I Systems

This standard OdorMaster system is designed with one scrubber tower. It is able to destroy a variety oxidizable malodorous compounds from the most common types of air streams associated with sanitary systems and wastewater treatment processes.

OdorMaster II Systems

The OdorMaster II system provides two towers in tandem for added treatment flexibility in applications involving high concentrations of contaminants or mixtures of contaminants that require separate treatment methods.

OdorMaster III Systems

The OdorMaster III system offers three scrubber towers together for maximum

treatment of complex odors, including mixtures of volatile organic and

inorganic sulfur compounds — particularly odors from thermal sludge

conditioning systems.