PEPCON’s ChlorMaster systems offer on-site sodium hypochlorite generation capability and superior pollution control, allowing customers to safely and effectively:

•    Control growth of slime and marine organisms in seawater piping for power and desalination plants, and oil and drilling production facilities.

•    Disinfect sewage, industrial effluents and water-cooling systems.

•    Reduce chemical oxygen demand in sewage digester supernatants, sludge filtrates and centrates.

•    Destroy cyanides and other oxidizable chemicals in industrial process wastewaters.


ChlorMaster Seawater Systems

ChlorMaster seawater systems are commonly used in coastal and offshore installations such as power plants, desalination plants, and oil drilling and production facilities. They effectively control slime and marine organism growth in condenser cooling water, circulating water and service water systems.

When seawater is pumped through one of our cells, the salt in the seawater is electrochemically transformed into sodium hypochlorite, which is then injected into the main seawater flow that needs treatment. The treatment is achieved either continuously or by shock, or through a combination of both.

ChlorMaster seawater systems can be manufactured to meet specific NaOCl requirements. These may include low concentrations for continuous treatment, or higher concentrations, with storage, for intermittent shock treatment.

ChlorMaster Brine Systems

ChlorMaster brine systems are commonly used to generate residual chlorine in potable water systems; for effluent disinfection applications at inland sewage treatment and industrial plants; and for cooling water treatment at inland power plants and industries.

The systems utilize inexpensive salt and water to produce sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 8,000 mg/L. Generating sodium hypochlorite on-site with ChlorMaster brine systems is typically less than half the cost of purchasing commercial hypochlorite. The hazards and expenses associated with transportation, storage and handling of chlorine gas or highly concentrated commercial bleach are eliminated as well.

As with all PEPCON equipment, ChlorMaster brine systems can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.