PEPCON's BatchMaster™ OSHG is a batch process, electrolytic system. With a simple brine solution (water & salt) and electricity you are able to generate sodium hypochlorite, safely and on-site. The hazards and costs associated with the transportation, storage and handling of chlorine gas or highly concentrated commercial bleach are eliminated. The system is plug & play - complete and stand alone, and ready to treat both micro and macro fungi, viruses and bacteria in your water.

System Features:

•    Stainless steel skid

•    2 storage tanks, 260 gal capacity

•    Control panel with power supply and PLC

•    Electrolytic cell - titanium electrodes with special anode coating, PVC housing

•    Softener

•    Circulation pump

•    Chlorine Analyzer

•    Dosing Pump

•    Electrical actuated valves and piping

•    Level control

•    Electrical motor disconnects