An epoxy general purpose product where corrosion resistance and external pressure requirements are of paramount importance. This is designed to resist 3 atmospheres of external pressure for in-tank piping, such as found at the bottom of a double bottom tank on a Very Large Container Carrier. This is also well suited for water services including effluent water.



An epoxy system with conductive elements incorporated in the wall of the pipe to prevent accumulation of static electricity produced by the flow of liquids inside, and external effects outside the pipe. In addition, the piping series is designed to withstand external pressure similarly to the 2000M product. This piping is well suited  to transfer petroleum products inside the cargo tank of a Very Large Crude Carrier. It can also be used in the hazardous water ballast tanks for ballasting purposes of the same crude carrier.



An epoxy system where corrosion resistance and light weight are of paramount importance. This series is designed based on internal pressures only with the following options available: 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 25 bar. The conductive variant of this piping series is ending with a suffix “C”, i.e. 2400C.


A vinylester resin piping system designed to handle oxidizing acids, such as are used for water treatment systems . This piping series has excellent corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range.  The conductive variant of this piping series is ending with a suffix “C”, i.e. 5000C.