As part of the loading and discharging of cargo onboard of a ship, Ship operators depend on a reliable ballast piping system to evenly load the vessel so that at any one time, none of the ship’s structures are unduly stressed due to imbalanced loads. The ballast piping system is typically in an inaccessible space, requiring the system to be reliable and perform as designed over the life of the vessel.  Bondstrand Piping is the norm and the material of choice in every major shipbuilding yard for this piping system.

Weight of materials is often a critical issue in selection of a piping system for Offshore Platform Projects. Every kilogram of weight adds significantly to the building cost. Bondstrand Piping is selected due to its light weight and its performance relative to other materials required.   In nearly all significant Offshore Projects, Bondstrand Piping is employed for various piping systems onboard.


Other Key Features include:

Low Life Cycle cost

Long service life

Low installed cost resulting from fast and easy installation

Light weight


Corrosion Resistant

Life Long Excellent Flow Characteristic


Low smoke & toxicity emissions